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There are some people that are of the opinion that coffee drinkers are highly strung, shaky balls of wrecked nerves. This is a rather amusing thought, but people are entitled to their opinions.

It is a fact that if one consumes too much caffeine in a certain amount of time, they can become jittery and perhaps a bit…anxious, but wow that would be a lot of cups of coffee! The other thing to consider is if the person you are talking about is a regular coffee drinker or if they only drink it on occasion. 

The part time coffee drinker

These people can be more affected by the caffeine in coffee than a seasoned aficionado. Common sense would dictate that if you do anything that you are not used to doing, it can have adverse affects on you. In the case of coffee, a person who does not drink it very often, suddenly downs 10 cups in a row will probably not be able to blink for a few hours (this is only a slight exaggeration). 


For a person who regularly drinks coffee, they may find it very soothing when they are stressed. Think about how many times you have seen a person, who is emotionally frazzled, sit down with a cup of their favorite coffee to try and calm down. There is no mistaking the calming effect coffee can have on people. A good cup of coffee can almost feel like an old friend to some regular drinkers. This is because it is warm and has a pleasant aroma.


There are few studies that have shown how coffee can be unhealthy in any way. Barring the fact that anything taken/performed in excess can be potentially harmful, coffee can actually be considered good for you. Coffee could also be good for the health of people around you too. If you are particularly upset and are unable to have a soothing cup of coffee, then you might actually become uptight and high strung!  

Life factors

Before jumping to conclusions and boldly blaming coffee for someone’s high strung behavior, it is wise to know what is going on in their life. For example, a person who is in the process of quitting smoking may have “fits” of grouchiness and even be uptight and slightly jittery. Quitting smoking is a difficult thing and the withdrawal can be almost painfully intense.

For this person, coffee could be their way of relieving some of the withdrawal symptoms. Another example is someone that is having problems at home or has suffered the loss of a loved one. The point is do not be quick to think you know that coffee makes people high strung, there could be a lot of things you do not know.

The jury is still out on whether non-coffee drinkers are just haters or just suffering from too much blood in their caffeine systems. All jokes aside, coffee has not been proven to cause edginess or jitters in people that drink it regularly.

Furthermore, it has not been proven to raise blood pressure or cholesterol either. What does all of this mean? Simple; it means go right on enjoying your favorite coffee!