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There is nothing quite like the rich taste and aroma of fine coffee, produced from coffee beans in exotic locations. Coming up with ideas for gift baskets for coffee lovers may well present the problem that you will need to buy two of everything, if you happen to be a coffee lover yourself. You really won’t want to part with the wonderful array of goodies which can fill a coffee gift basket and make a spectacular gift.

If you want to include something unique you could opt for a choice of coffee plants as a gift. “Grow and brew your own” is the slogan which advertises an Arabica coffee bean plant. The real Kona Coffee plant is also available, and both plants can be purchased online from Amazon.

Real coffee lovers would be excited to receive extra virgin olive oil infused with the coffee beans. Two such oils are produced in Spain. The Mallafre Gourmet oil pressed with Torarefacto coffee is sure to go down well, as is the Lerida Coffee and extra virgin olive oil. The latter is beautifully presented in a cork sealed glass bottle and is recommended for deserts, salads and marinades.

Coffee infused olive oil would be wonderfully complemented by a unique coffee and cardamom grinder, available from the Cape Herb and Spice Company. This topping would enhance deserts and won’t break the bank, unlike Luwak coffee.

If you really want to go overboard with a gift basket then indulge in buying some of the most expensive coffee in the world. Luwak coffee comes from Indonesia where it is produced from beans which have passed through the digestive system of small luwaks. These cute animals are Asian Palm Civets which like to forage at night and dine on coffee cherries. Despite the way the coffee is produced it is a must for gourmet coffee lovers to try at least once.

Nothing quite complements the taste of a good cup of coffee as well as chocolate covered coffee beans. Fill your gift basket with a selection of milk chocolate covered coffee beans, white chocolate and dark chocolate ones. Coffee lovers will taste the sublime flavors of chocolate giving way to the crunchy coffee bean inside.

Naturally there is a host of other gift ideas which will appeal to the coffee lover, from simple coffee mugs to the most elegant coffee cups. Thermal coffee cups will delight those who travel a lot and like to keep their coffee hot on the go.

Choosing items to fill a coffee gift basket can be an indulgent treat as you shop and for the lucky person who receives it. For a really personal touch add a home made coffee cake and break open the coffee and cardamom grinder to add a special taste touch as a topping.